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Homes Then and Now
Meridian Street
Page Update September 18, 2012

Historic pictures from Meridian Street - one of the downtown business district areas. The properties in this area are not located within either of the Historic Districts. Unfortunately, many of these buildings have been lost due to fire or "progress". We will add more present day pictures soon and additional historic pictures as we find them.

More Information on Photos, house ages, lot sizes, key numbers, etc.


The Armstrong Apartments in 1901 and 2005.

Located in the 600 block of Meridian Street. These sat empty for many years but were restored in the early 1990s. These are our only remaining example of Anderson row houses.


8th and Meridian in 1901 most likely on the north west corner facing 8th street.

And one wonders why we have sign ordinances today.



The Anderson Hotel in 1901 in the 900 block.

lost to fire


927 Meridian in 1915. Home of the Banner Store.



Meyer's Drug Store in 1915 at the north-west corner of Meridian and 11th Streets.

Red Man Hall was located on the upper floors. See a Euchre game night ticket from 1931 here

Demolished in 2003 as a part of the Fortune Management downtown renovations


A very early photo on Meridian Street circa 1890 or ealier.

Note the unpaved street. At left is the White Store - at right is Citizens bank.

Sears store on Meridan (??) in the 1930s. Sears was located at the site of the current Anderson Library at 12th and Main Streets in the 1960s.

The Union Building in 1915 and 2005.

Another building nearly lost to "progress". The building has been fully restored and serves as office space for various businesses.

The 1915 picture noted there were 254 office rooms plus 5 ground level store fronts. It also had its own power, heating, and water plants.

The Paramount Theatre in the 1950s and in 2005

Nearly demolished for Union Building parking in the late 1980s, the 1929 building has been fully restored.

1214 Meridian St - Meridian Flats in 1915 and Google street view c2010

Still here but the upper windows have been bricked over and today is home to an office supply store

The State Theatre in c1950 and 2005

Note the photo below left which shows the FOE building prior to construction of the State

late 1920s

1315 Meridian in 1915 and 2005

The FOE lodge building - drastically changed from the early years




Montgomery Wards in the 1920s.

Today this is home to Anderson Music and is located in the 1300 block. At right is the FOE lodge building (much different today)


The Big Four Depot

One of the latest major saves in Anderson; the Big Four was fully restored in the early 2000s and now serves as the home to the Anderson Young Ballet.

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